Windows 7

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Windows 7 is an operating system by Microsoft. Launched in 22 October 2009. End of extended support in 14 January 2020. Paid updates until 10 January 2023 for Professional, Enterprise. For the Embedded Standard version, paid updates are until 10 October 2023, and for the Embedded POSReady version, until 14 October 2024.

Service Pack 1[edit]

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is an update released in 22 February 2011. Available on Windows Update or on ISOs. Introduced AVX and Advanced Format 512e support.


Home Basic[edit]

Was mostly shipped on netbooks as a replacement for Windows XP netbooks. Had the anti-feature of not being able to change the wallpaper.

Home Premium[edit]

Home Premium is designed for home use and has features like Windows Media Center.


Professional introduced a Windows XP Mode for programs that can't run on 7 but can in XP.


Enterprise is only available to enterprises and is sold through volume licensing only.

It has additional features such as Multilingual User Interface packages, BitLocker encryption or UNIX application support.


Ultimate has the same features as the Enterprise but is designed for home use.


Starter is the most limited version of Windows 7.

It's 32-bit only, no personalization without third-party apps, and doesn't support more than 2GB of RAM. It was made for netbooks.