Windows XP

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Windows XP is an operating system that released in 2001 and is the focus of this wiki.


  • 32 bit edition
  • 64 bit edition
  • 64 bit edition on Itanium
  • Media Center Edition
  • Tablet PC Edition
  • Embedded
  • POSReady
  • Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs
  • Starter Edition
  • N and KN versions without Media Player or Messenger
  • Codename Whistler for beta versions

Importance of SSE2[edit]

SSE2 is particularly important when finding software for Windows XP because often, newer versions of software said to support Windows XP require it. For example, if you have an Athlon XP, you do not have SSE2.

POSReady registry key[edit]

POSReady was a edition of Windows XP that was supported until 2019. Its updates could be installed on regular Windows XP with a modified registry key. POSReady updates could have been installed on Windows XP before 2020 if this registry file was applied:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Using this on systems without SSE2 could have resulted in instability after installing certain POSReady updates.


To get updates for Windows XP, use Legacy Update.

Service packs[edit]

  • SP1, SP1a, SP2, SP3, SP2x64

Support lifecycle[edit]

  • Ended April 8 2014
  • PosReady 2009 Ended April 8 2019
  • Now unofficially community supported with sites like xpforever.

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